QuickGuaranteedLoans.com is a referral service to a network of direct lenders. The network is one of the largest networks based in the USA and UK , and now expanding its business on the Canadian market. It offers payday loans for all your short-term needs. We allow everyone to use our application form, but we don’t encourage borrowing money in general.

Application process

Completing the online form available on this website takes less than two minutes. You must provide some personal information that is immediately processed by the network. Once you have submitted the application, the network processes it and gets back to you either by phone or e-mail. At no point you are asked to fax any documents.

Is bad credit a disqualifying factor?

The network doesn’t conduct a traditional credit check, but verifies your information and checks you credit with Teletrack. If you have never borrowed money online, you have no credit. Lenders are more than happy to give you a guaranteed loan but they may offer you a different amount in order to see how you repay it.

Things not to do

When you decide to get a loan, you should never do the following:

  • Don’t default on you repayment (a prompt repayment of your debt guarantees much lower cost of borrowing)
  • Don’t get into a debt cycle (borrowing a short-term loan just to pay back another short-term loan is a bad idea, which will get you in trouble in a long run)
  • Don’t have more than one loan out (more loans will certainly worsen your situation)
  • Don’t take out short-term loans with monthly installments (this makes the loan much more expensive)
  • Don’t try to patch up your money problems but rather seek long-term solution (if a payday loan solves your problem, that’s fine, but if it solves it only for a week or two, it’s better to think of other options)

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